Maggie R Davis

R&D Associate Scientist

I am a S&T research associate staff member at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the Sustainable Systems and Social Sciences Group within the Energy and Environmental Sciences Directorate. I am a member of the ORNL Climate Change Science Institute (CCSI) Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability (IAV) research theme as well as the ORNL Center for BioEnergy Sustainability (CBES), in the Enrionmental Sciences Division (ESD).

Primary Interests: Data science applications for efficient resource management leveraging forest and agricultural economic tools.

Objective: Use novel approaches for extracting information from data and key innovations in data visualization and computational capabilities to enhance growth in domestic clean-energy industries.   

Expertise: A) Agricultural Modeling: program management using Code::Blocks with GitHub/Lab, data visualization software (e.g., using Excel + MS Power BI, Tableau, ArcGIS), POLYSYS agricultural model – simulations of trade in biofuels, agricultural residues and energy crops resource assessment (e.g., lead author and modeler for chapter 4 in DOE Billion Ton Report 2016); B) land use change and food/fuel research: modeling and scenario analyses (e.g., co-author on LUC chapter of DOE Billion Ton Report, V2 2017); C) standards: ASTM and ISO standard development with global collaborations (e.g., secretariat for indirect effects working group under ISO 13065, 2015).