Maggie R Davis

R&D Associate Scientist

I am a natural resource data scientist the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the Energy and Environmental Sciences Directorate. I am a member of the ORNL Climate Change Science Institute (CCSI) in the Environmental Sciences Division (ESD). My primary role is within the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) climate research facility’s data center (ADC) applying data science for efficient metadata management. 

As Metadata Flow lead, I manage the complex ARM metadata workflow for routine ARM products at all fixed sites and field campaigns. I also manage the metadata team, and contributions to development activities for metadata tools; as well as a cross-lab (ORNL and ANL) team to develop advanced workflows for recommended datastreams for various scientific parameters. My work also includes various metadata audits (e.g., for ARM aircraft program), and metadata upgrades in support of enhancements to data discovery. I also represent ORNL and ARM in national and international conferences. Further, I collaborate on natural resource management and sustainability assessments related to biomass production (e.g., forestry, bioenergy) within ESD. 

Additionally, I am the lead modeler at ORNL for POLYSYS (Policy Analysis for agriculture and bioenergy), and provide guidance on visioning of future capabilities of enhanced and strategic capabilities as the project transitions to high-performance computing. As lead modeler, I contribute to quarterly deliverables and respond to follow-up inquiries of ORNL's resource assessment (e.g., Billion Ton study) publicly available products.

Objective: Use novel approaches for extracting information from data and key innovations in data visualization to enhance access to ground-based observations and advance atmospheric and climate research, as well as efficient resource management in support of bio-based industries.

Expertise: Data informatics, metadata management; Biomass resource modeling, soil carbon & short rotation woody crop production;

Research Interests: Data science and High Performance Computing; Utilizing observational climate data in natural resource economics to study land use efficiency, carbon valuation; Standards development: focused on trade of natural resources