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Kevin R Birdwell

PhD  Physical Geography (Environment / Climate / Paleoclimate)  - University of Tennessee, Knoxville (2011)

MS   Physical Geography (Environment / Remote Sensing / GIS / Math) - Murray State University (1996)

BS    Physical Geography (Minor: Math) - Murray State University (1988)

AA   Scripture - Evangel University (1986)

Atmospheric Scientist (Researcher) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2022-2024)

Meteorologist (Operations/Research) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2001-2022)

Computer Meteorological Specialist (Research) - NOAA Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division (1991-2001)

Student Researcher (Climate) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (1988 - 1991)

American Meteorological Society

American Geophysical Union

American Nuclear Society

Progress on Enhancing Regional Weather Forecasts using Machine Learning.  Ming Fang, Wei Zhang, Kevin R. Birdwell, Juan Restrepo, and Katherine J. Evans (2024).

Progress on Regional Weather Forecasts Evaluation with Respect to Synoptic and Complex Terrain Forcing.  Kevin Birdwell, Hyun Kang, Wei Zhang, Katherine J. Evans, and James H. Rogers (2024)

Improvements in Meteorological Forecasts from WRF with Respect to Synoptic and Complex Terrain Forcing, Kevin R. Birdwell, Hyun Gyu Kang, Wei Zhang, Katherine J. Evans, and James H. Rogers (2022)

Signatures of U233 Production in a Weapons Context, ORNL/NSSD-21-27, Dion MP, Williams DF, Birdwell KR, Del Cul G, O’Brien S, and N Luciano (2022)

Measurements within the Planetary Boundary Layer at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Birdwell KR and ED Kabela (2021)

Terrain Effects on Dose Estimates from Airborne Emissions, Kevin R. Birdwell, Patricia Scofield, and Linda L. Smith (2018)

Issues Affecting Dispersion near Highways: Light Winds, Intra-Urban Dispersion, Vehicle Wakes, and the Roadyway-2
Dispersion Model, NOAA TM ERL ARL 247.  Hosker RP Jr, Rao KS, Gunter RL, Nappo CJ, Meyers TP, Birdwell KR, & White JR (2003)

A Climatology of Winds over a Ridge-and-Valley Terrain within the Great Valley of Eastern Tennessee (master’s thesis), Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky. Birdwell KR (1996)

Airborne Measurements of Mass, Momentum, and Energy Fluxes for the Boardman-Arm Regional Flux Experiment-1991 Preliminary Data Release, NOAA TM ERL ARL 202.  Crawford T, Birdwell KR, & Dobosy RJ (1993)

Airborne Energy and Trace Species Flux Measurements over Lake Michigan, July 22-26, 1991. NOAA TM ERL ARL 207.   Crawford T, Herwehe JA, Meyers TP, and Birdwell KR (1993)

A Global Geographic Information System Data Base of Storm Occurrences and Other Climatic Phenomena Affecting Coastal Zones, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, CDIAC NDP-35.  Birdwell KR, & Daniels R (1991)