Keith C Bledsoe

R&D Staff

Dr. Keith Bledsoe is a Research and Development Staff Member in the Nuclear Security Modeling Group in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Division at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics in 2004, a Master of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering in 2006, and a doctorate degree in Nuclear Engineering in 2009, all from The Ohio State University.  His research interests include inverse transport problems, uncertainty quantification, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods, parameter optimization in nuclear systems, and surrogate modeling.  For over 10 years Dr. Bledsoe has been a primary contributor to the development of the inverse transport tool INVERSE, into which he has implemented advanced optimization/uncertainty quantification methods and implemented parallel processing.  He is also one of the primary developers of the INVERSE graphical user interface.  Dr. Bledsoe also has experience in radiation transport modeling in complex geometries, nuclear fallout modeling, and quantitative imaging methods.