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Josh N Grant

Data Engineer

Joshua Grant is a Data Engineer with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He strives to take ideas, theories, and experiments and turn them into production-scalable solutions using by integrating continuous integration, continuous deployment, and containerized application methods. Joshua came to ORNL from the energy sector where he focused on energy informatics, web scraping, and full stack development. Before that, he served as a Bioinformatician with Microbial Insights. He graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Masters of Science in Plant Sciences with a concentration in Plant Molecular Genetics.


Willis, J. D., Grant, J. N., Mazarei, M., Kline, L. M., Rempe, C. S., Collins, A. G., ... & Labbe, N. (2017). The TcEG1 beetle (Tribolium castaneum) cellulase produced in transgenic switchgrass is active at alkaline pH and auto-hydrolyzes biomass for increased cellobiose release. Biotechnology for biofuels10(1), 230

Grant, J. N., Burris, J. N., Stewart, C. N., & Lenaghan, S. C. (2017). Improved tissue culture conditions for the emerging C 4 model Panicum hallii. BMC biotechnology17(1), 39.

Liu, J., Chen, N., Grant, J. N., Cheng, Z. M., Stewart Jr, C. N., & Hewezi, T. (2015). Soybean kinome: functional classification and gene expression patterns. Journal of experimental botany66(7), 1919-1934

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