Prof. photo

Joe D Rendall

Associate Research and Development Staff

Dr. Joseph Rendall is a R&D associate staff member in the Multifunctional Equipment Integration Group at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). He started at ORNL as a graduate intern in the Building Equipment Research Group in 2018. Since then, he has led multiple publications and patent applications in the areas of water heating, heat pumps (vapor and nonvapor compression) and energy sensors while working in the Building Technologies Integration Research Center. He graduated from Texas A&M University–Kingsville in 2019, earning a PhD in sustainable energy systems engineering. Joseph also has extensive volunteer experience, including with Engineers Without Borders in Bolivia and as a Peace Corps volunteer in Uganda, where he taught the physics topics “heat and thermodynamics” to future secondary physics teachers.

At ORNL, Joseph collaborates with industry partners and ORNL staff on new technologies that reduce energy consumption, carbon footprint, and costs. His skills include experimental evaluations, 1D and 3D modeling, and innovation in thermal energy systems, fluid systems and heat pump design.

Hydraulically opened cone vertical tube diffuser with slanted anti-siphon hole [US11768012B2]

Density controlled phase-changing material (pcm) spheres for increased heating power and optimal delivery temperature in hot-water tanks [US20230082570A1]

State of charge sensor for phase change material thermal energy storage [application recently submitted]