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Jefferey S Baxter

Staff Technician (TN3)

I graduated high school in 2008. I then joined the Navy and worked as an electronics technician on a nuclear submarine. I served for 5 years and attended college after. I started college at Roane State Community College in Oak Ridge in 2014. In 2016 I earned my associates degree and attended Eastern Michigan University to finish a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. I graduated in April 2019 and started working at ORNL in May, as a technician for CNMS, making samples for high resolution electron microscopy. I work for the recognition and equal treatment of technicians in the Laboratory by serving as the CNMS representative in the technicians council.

I like to think that I am evidence that even humble beginnings can least to exciting ends. When I graduated high-school, my GPA was 2.0. When I started at Roane State, I had to take remedial math classes. By the time I finished my Bachelor’s degree, my GPA was 3.75. I have since co-authored 4 scientific papers, with others in review and others as lead author in the works. I raise awareness about some of the lesser-known opportunities that exist for technicians to progress in their careers, and I try to show how Oak Ridge offers great opportunities for all staff, not just those with a PhD.

(2014-2016) Associates by Roane State Community College 

(2016-2019) BS in Electrical Engineering by Eastern Michigan University