Ian Greenquist

Ian T Greenquist

Nuclear Fuels Analyst

Dr. Greenquist earned his BS in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University in 2015. He earned his PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Penn State University in 2019. His graduate research was to develop a first-of-kind mesoscale mechanistic model of sintering and irradiation-enhanced densification in UO2 fuel.

He joined Oak Ridge in 2019 as a Postdoctoral Research Associate to perform BISON simulations of metallic fuels to support the Versatile Test Reactor Project. In his current role he performs fuel performance and multiphysics simulations of a wide array of nuclear fuel and reactor concepts such as high burnup fuels, microreactors, and advanced fuel concepts. He also performs code coupling, development, and validation of next-generation nuclear physics codes. In his spare time Ian hikes, whittles, and spends time with his wife and three daughters.

Other Publications

"Analysis of the impact of fuel microstructure on irradiation-enhanced densification using grand potential simulations" I. Greenquist, M. Tonks, Y. Zhang, Annals of Nuclear Energy (2021)
"Research Needs for Uranium-Zirconium-Based Metallic Fuels" A. Aitkaliyeva, M. Tonks, J. Hirschhorn, J. Powers, I. Greenquist, B. Beeler, Idaho National Laboratory INL/EXT-20-58719-Rev000, Idaho Falls, Idaho (2020) https://www.osti.gov/biblio/1634988-research-needs-uranium-zirconium-based-metallic-fuels
"Grand Potential Sintering Simulations of Doped UO2 Accident-Tolerant Fuel Concepts" I. Greenquist, M. Tonks, M. Cooper, A. Andersson, Y. Zhang, Journal of Nuclear Materials (2020)
"Development of a Microstructural Grand Potential-Based Sintering Model", I. Greenquist, M. Tonks, L. Aagesen, Y. Zhang, Computational Materials Science (2020)
"A Grand Potential Sintering Model: Derivation and Application to UO2 Thermal Sintering, Doped Sintering, and Irradiation-Enhanced Densification" I. Greenquist, The Pennsylvania State University (2019)
"Review of Sintering and Densification in Nuclear Fuels: Physical Mechanisms, Experimental Results, and Computational Models", I. Greenquist, M. Tonks, Y. Zhang, Journal of Nuclear Materials (2018)