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Gurneesh S Jatana

R&D Staff

Gurneesh Jatana is a R&D Staff in the Applied Catalysis and Emissions Research Group at ORNL. His research focuses on solving pressing problems in combustion engines such as low-speed pre-ignition and cold-start in spark ignition engines as well as use of low-lifecycle-carbon fuels in compression ignition off-road and marine engines. He also focuses on creating novel optical sensor systems using techniques such as laser absorption, fluorescence, and schlieren imaging. He has applied these sensors to a wide array of real applications such as intake and exhaust gas property measurements in internal combustion engines, monitoring cure state of epoxies, and air leaks in buildings. 

Gurneesh received his Bachelor's and Master's of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras (India) where he performed experimental and CFD investigation of the plasma generated by laser induced breakdown in vacuum conditions. He did his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University where he created high-speed laser absorption sensors for near crank-angle-resolved measurements of gas temperature and composition in the intake and exhaust of a Cummins ISB engine. Before joining ORNL as a staff, Gurneesh also worked at Cummins inc.

R&D Staff - Oak Ridge National Laboratory - 2020 - present

Engine Optimization Technical Specialist - Cummins Inc. 2019-2020

Engine Performance Development Engineer - Cummins Inc. 2017-2019

Postdoctoral Fellow - Oak Ridge National Laboratory - 2014-2017

Graduate Research Scholar - Purdue University 2010-2014

Research Scholar - Indian Institute of Science Bangalore 2009-2010

Graduate Research Scholar - Indian Institute of Technology Madras 2008-2009

Doctor of Philosophy, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University - 2014

Bachelor of Technology + Master of Technology (Dual Degree), Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras - 2009