Gilles Buchs

Senior R&D Staff / Acting Group Leader Quantum Computing & Sensing group

Gilles Buchs is an experimental physicist with an international history working in academic research and industry R&D in nanoscience, photonics systems, and quantum technologies.
He earned his master’s degree in experimental physics in 2004 from ETH Zurich and his Ph.D. in the same field in 2008 from the University of Basel in Switzerland. He was a Marie-Curie Intra-European Postdoctoral Fellow at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at TU Delft, working on quantum nanoelectronics and photonics.
In 2013 he joined the company CSEM in Switzerland as a Senior R&D Engineer, where he worked in a matrix structure on hands-on applied research, as well as the development and management of several multi-million-dollar public-private partnership projects targeting technology readiness levels (TRL) 2 to 5 in the fields of photonics systems and quantum sensors for various applications in metrology, including the development of the 14 partners, 10.2 M€ European Quantum Flagship project MacQsimal.

In 2018 he joined the start-up Silicon Quantum Computing (SQC) in Sydney, Australia, as a Senior Researcher. There he conducted experimental research toward the development of an analog quantum processor based on donor spin qubits architectures.

He joined ORNL in 2022 as a Senior R&D staff. In his current role, he contributes to establishing and leveraging a quantum edge node based on a trapped ion quantum resource to conduct research in quantum simulation and computation. His research interests also include quantum sensing.
Gilles is a member of the American Physical Society (APS) and also holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI).