Germina Ilas

Germina Ilas

Germina Ilas

Senior R&D Staff


Dr. Germina Ilas is a Senior Research and Development Staff in the Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). She earned a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta and an M.S. in Engineering Physics from University of Bucharest. Before joining ORNL in 2004, her work experience included a post-doctoral appointment with Georgia Institute of Technology and research staff positions in Romania, at the Institute for Semiconductor Materials in Bucharest and the Institute of Nuclear Energy Reactors in Pitesti. Her primary research interests include depletion analysis, reactor analysis and design, spent fuel characterization and source terms, code validation and uncertainty assessment. Professional activities include serving as reviewer for technical journals (Annals of Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Engineering and Design, Nuclear Science and Engineering, Nuclear Technology) and conferences.


2013: ORNL Significant Event Award for “Development of Technical Basis for NRC regulatory Guidance to Enable Expanded Utilization of High-Capacity Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage and Transportation Systems”; Team: J. Scaglione, G. Radulescu, I. Gauld, D. Mueller, G. Ilas, W. Marshall, J. Wagner.
2012: Best Paper/Presentation Award, Reactor Physics Division, American Nuclear Society Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, for “G. Ilas, R.T. Primm, III, and D. Renfro, Design of a Low-Enriched Uranium Fuel for the High Flux Isotope Reactor – Reactor Physics Analyses”;
2011: ORNL Significant Event Award for “Analysis of Experimental Data for High Burnup PWR Spent Fuel Isotopic Validation”; Team: I. Gauld, G. Ilas.
1998: Best Paper Award, Criticality/Spent Fuel and Waste, Western Regional ANS Student Conference, Austin, Texas, for "A coupled Monte Carlo - diffusion theory model for the analysis of spent nuclear fuel storage racks".


HFIR LEU Conversion Project - DOE NNSA's M3 (Material Management and Minimization) Program
BWR Spent Fuel Burnup Credit - funded by US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Next Generation Safeguards Initiative (NGSI) Program - DOE NNSA's Office of Nonproliferation and International Security
SCALE Nuclear Safety Analysis and Design Code System - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Selected publications
G. Ilas and H. Liljenfeldt, "Decay heat uncertainty for BWR used fuel due to modeling and nuclear data uncertainties”, Nuclear Engineering and Design, vol.319, p. 176-184 (2017)

J. Hu, J. M. Giaquinto, I.C. Gauld, G. Ilas, T.J. Keever, "Analysis of new measurements of Calvert Cliffs spent fuel samples using SCALE 6.2", Annals of Nuclear Energy vol.106, pp. 221-234 (2017).

I.C. Gauld, J. M. Giaquinto, J. S. Delashmitt, J. Hu, G. Ilas, T.J. Haverlock, C. Romano, " Re-evaluation of Spent Nuclear Fuel Assay Data for the Three Mile Island Unit 1 Reactor and Application to Code Validation ", Annals of Nuclear Energy vol.87, pp. 267-281 (2016)

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G. Ilas and I.C. Gauld, "SCALE analysis of CLAB decay heat measurements for LWR spent fuel assemblies", Annals of Nuclear Energy vol.35, no.1 (January 2008)

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G. Ilas, B. Betzler, D. Chandler, E. Sunny, “High Flux Isotope Reactor Core Analysis – Challenges and Recent Enhancements in Modeling and Simulation”, CD Proceedings PHYSOR 2016, Sun Valley, Idaho (May 1-5, 2016).

G. Ilas, R.T. Primm, III, and D. Renfro, “Design of a Low-Enriched Uranium Fuel for the High Flux Isotope Reactor – Reactor Physics Analyses”, ANS Transactions, vol.106, p. 845 (2012)

G. Ilas, C. Bryan, J. Gehin, “Needs and Requirements for Future Research Reactors (ORNL Perspectives)”, ORNL/TM-2015/654, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2016).

G. Ilas, D. Chandler, B. Ade, E. Sunny, B. Betzler, and D. Pinkston, “Modeling and Simulations for the High Flux Isotope Reactor Cycle 400”, ORNL/TM-2016/36, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2015).

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