Photo, Gary Staebler, PhD

Gary M Staebler

Group Leader, Plasma Theory and Modeling

Gary is a Distinguished R&D Scientist and the Group Leader for Plasma Theory and Modeling Group. He is an expert in turbulence and transport in magnetically confined plasmas. He is the Co-Chair of the International Tokamak Physics Activity Transport and Confinement Topical Group that advises the ITER Tokamak project.

Gary was elected a fellow of the American Physical Society in 2011 for his leadership role in developing the trapped gyro-Landau fluid equations and establishing that a quasilinear transport theory model based on these provides an accurate model of nonlinear gyrokinetic turbulence simulations, enabling large dataset validation of gyrokinetic transport against experiment.

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The dependence of tokamak L-mode confinement on magnetic field and plasma size, from a magnetic field scan experiment at ASDEX Upgrade to full-radius integrated modelling and fusion reactor predictions

Nuclear Fusion

2023-05-01 | Journal article

DOI: 10.1088/1741-4326/acc193

CONTRIBUTORS: C. Angioni; N. Bonanomi; E. Fable; P.A. Schneider; G. Tardini; T. Luda; G.M. Staebler

Transition from ITG to MTM linear instabilities near pedestals of high density plasmas

Physics of Plasmas

2023-04 | Journal article

DOI: 10.1063/5.0141179

CONTRIBUTORS: J. McClenaghan; T. Slendebroek; G. M. Staebler; S. P. Smith; O. M. Meneghini; B. A. Grierson; K. E. Thome; G. Avdeeva; L. L. Lao; J. Candy et al.