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Frank M Gonzalez

Research Scientist

Frank Gonzalez is a staff scientist in the ARDIDSA group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He holds an undergraduate degree in physics from Cornell University, where he did research as an accelerator physicist modeling high spacecharge electron beams. He subsequently received a doctorate in nuclear physics from Indiana University, where his PhD thesis produced the world's most precise measurement of the free neutron lifetime. During data-taking for this experiment, he worked at the ultracold neutron source at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He began working at ORNL as a postdoctoral research associate in the Neutron Symmetries group, acting as the commissioning coordinator for the Nab neutron asymmetry measurement. His present research interests as part of ARDIDSA include gamma ray and fast neutron imaging.

  • Indiana University: PhD Physics 2021
  • Cornell University: BA Physics 2014