Flavio Dal Forno Chuahy

Research Staff

Dr. Chuahy is a R&D Staff in the Thermal Hydraulics Group as part of the Advanced Reactor Engineering and Development Section of ORNL in the Nuclear Energy and Fuel Cycle Division.

Dr. Chuahy's expertise lies in multi-phase reacting and non-reacting fluid dynamics, high efficiency combustion systems, electrochemistry and fuel chemistry with a focus on high-fidelity simulations and high performance computing.

Currently his research focuses on understanding some of the most important barriers to higher thermal efficiency and fuel chemistry impacts on combustion performance, high performance multi-phase cooling, optimization of direct air CO2 capture devices and building efficiency.

His broad research background also includes high efficiency heat exchangers, topology optimization, marine fuels, electrochemical-combustion systems, carbon capture contactors, etc.

Dr. Chuahy earned his MS and PhD from the University of Wisconsin - Madison at the Engine Research Center and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Maua School of Engineering in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) : University of Wisconsin - Madison 2018

Master of Science : University of Wisconsin - Madison 2016

Bachelor of Science : Maua School of Engineering 2011