Fehmi Sami Yasin portrait

Fehmi S Yasin

R&D Associate Scientist

Fehmi Sami Yasin is an Alvin M. Weinberg Distinguished Staff Fellow in the Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy group. He earned his PhD in June, 2019 from the University of Oregon in Prof. Benjamin McMorran's electron physics laboratory. Fehmi's current research focuses on magnetic imaging at temperatures ranging from room temperature down to liquid helium temperatures. In particular, he focuses on imaging the magnetic states in quantum materials that host emergent, topologically non-trivial real space spin textures such as magnetic skyrmions, as well as their dynamics in situ under external stimuli such as electric and heat currents. Fehmi is also interested in electron interferometry, especially the development of STEM holography as a low dose imaging technique.


2024.                CEMS Award, RIKEN, Japan

2024                 Alvin M. Weinberg Distinguished Staff Fellow, ORNL, United States

2024                 RIKEN Ohbu Award, RIKEN, Japan

2023                 Best Oral Presentation, IEEE Around-the-Clock Around-the-Globe Magnetics Conference, virtual

2023                 Best Oral Presentation, International Microscopy Congress 20, Busan, Korea

2022                 Special Postdoctoral Research Fellow, RIKEN, Japan

2021                 Incentive Research Project Grant

2018                 Microscopy Society of America Travel Scholarship Award

2018                 Special “Opps” Travel and Research Award

2017 – 2018      National Science Foundation Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide Fellowship

2016                 Microscopy and Microanalysis Meeting Student Scholar Award

2015                 Weiser Senior Teaching Assistant Award

2015 – 2018       National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Apr.-June 2015  Science Literacy Program Fellowship

Jan.-Mar. 2015   Science Literacy Program Fellowship

2009                 National Hispanic Honors Scholar

2019 - 2024       Postdoctoral Institution

                            RIKEN, Center for Emergent Matter Science (CEMS)         Wako, Saitama, JP

                            Advisor: Dr. Xiuzhen Yu

2013 - 2019       Graduate Institution                 Degree                          Defense March 21st, 2019

                            University of Oregon                  Ph.D. in Physics             Eugene, OR, USA                      

                            Advisor:  Prof. Benjamin J. McMorran

2009 - 2013       Undergraduate Institution        Degree                          Honors Program           

                             Westminster College                   B.S. in Physics               Salt Lake City, UT, USA