Douglas G Bowen

Group Leader, Nuclear Data and Criticality Safety Group

Dr. Douglas G. Bowen currently works in the Nuclear Data and Criticality Safety (NDCS) Group within Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). He recently earned his Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of New Mexico (UNM) and earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Nuclear Engineering from UNM in 1995 and 1997, respectively. He has approximately 18 years of experience in Nuclear Criticality Safety in various capacities, including line management. Dr. Bowen also teaches NCS topics at the NCSP Training and Education Courses, the University of New Mexico NCS Short Course, and the University of Tennessee Department of Nuclear Engineering.Dr. Bowen started his career at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PGDP) working for USEC, Inc., in Paducah, KY, in 1997 as a Nuclear Criticality Safety (NCS) engineer. He performed numerous NCS evaluations for gaseous diffusion process operations and process equipment maintenance operations. From 1999-2000, he led a group of eight NCS consultants to generate NCS evaluations to support the High Assay Upgrade Project, which allowed the plant operating enrichment to be increased from 2.75 wt. % U-235 to 5.5 wt. % U-235 after the NRC issued a revised license in 2001.In 2001, Dr. Bowen worked in the NCS group at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) as an NCS engineer. At LANL, he supported a wide variety of process operations including waste operations, stockpile surveillance, plutonium component manufacturing, plutonium solution processing, subcritical experiments and measurements, and fissile material transportation operations. He also spent a significant amount of time supporting program compliance activities, including the co-generation and implementation of the first formal NCS program at LANL. He also supported and taught NCS training for the United States (US) Department of Energy (DOE) from 2001-2004 and was the LANL co-developer and point-of-contact for the NCS classroom training at LANL for the US DOE Nuclear Criticality Safety Program (NCSP). In 2008, Dr. Bowen was assigned as Deputy Group Leader of the LANL NCS group where he managed the day-to-day work of the 12 NCS staff and the NCS program improvement efforts to achieve compliance with ANSI/ANS standards and DOE Orders and Standards. He worked closely with DOE and DNFSB regulators in this capacity and continued to develop NCS evaluations to support plant process operations. In 2010, Bowen was asked by LANL executive management to serve the laboratory as Group Leader of the LANL NCS group where he led a group of 12 NCS staff to support LANL fissile material operations goals and to achieve program compliance. During his time at LANL, Dr. Bowen supported other sites as necessary with independent NCS program reviews and other support.In 2012, Dr. Bowen left LANL for the NDCS group at ORNL where he currently provides general nuclear engineering and NCS support to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the DOE, ORNL, and other organizations. He currently works as a member of the management team for the DOE NCSP where he provides project management support for all NCSP-related subcritical and critical experiments at the National Criticality Experiments Research Center (NCERC) at the Device Assembly Facility at the Nevada National Security Site and Sandia National Laboratory. In addition, he works as the NCSP Training and Education Project Coordinator for NCS courses at LANL, Sandia National Laboratory, and NCERC and he has co-developed and taught a training course for analysts and generalists involved with the review and development of Safety Analysis Reports for Packaging documentation for the National Nuclear Security Administration.


2016 – ORNL Management Bootcamp
2015-Present – Vice Chair of American Nuclear Society Subcommittee 8 "Nuclear Criticality Safety"
2005-Present – Co-chair of ANSI/ANS-8.1 Standard "Nuclear Criticality Safety in Operations with Fissionable Materials Outside Reactors"
2014-Present – Deputy Overall Advisor for US ANSI/ASTM NTAG Organization for ISO Technical Committee (TC)85 (Nuclear Energy), Subcommittee (SC) 5 (Nuclear Fuel Cycle), Working Group (WG) 8 (Nuclear Criticality Safety)
2014-Present – Convener of ISO TC85/SC5/WG8 2011–2012 – Chair, ANS Nuclear Criticality Safety Division
2010–2011 – Vice Chair, ANS Nuclear Criticality Safety Division2009, 2010 – Los Alamos Distinguished Performance Award
2007 – Los Alamos Award of Excellence
2005, 2006 & 2009 – NNSA/USAF Defense Programs Award of Excellence
2004-2007 – Los Alamos Achievement Award