Douglas E. Peplow

Douglas E. Peplow

Distinguished R&D Staff Member


Peplow holds a B.S. in Physics from Western Illinois University, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Nuclear Engineering from North Carolina State University.

Areas of technical expertise include: Monte Carlo code development, variance reduction, development of hybrid Monte Carlo/deterministic methods for shielding calculations, application of hybrid methods to difficult shielding problems. Currently active in: the application of radiation transport calculations to nuclear security and non-proliferation problems. Past areas of interest have included medical applications of radiation transport, facility vulnerability calculations and other defense-related applications of radiation transport and nuclear decay calculations.


Significant Event Award, for Support to DOE in response to the crisis at Fukushima, 2011

UT-Battelle Award – Team Accomplishment, Engineering Research and Development, 2010

Nuclear Science & Technology Division Scientific and Technical Award, December 2006

American Nuclear Society Mark Mills Award, 1999

Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America, 1986


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