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Daniel Arndt

Large Scale Computational Scientist

I am a Large Scale Computational Scientist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the Scalable Algorithms and Coupled Physics group. Formerly, I was a PostDoc at the University of Heidelberg working with Prof. Dr. Guido Kanschat in the Mathematical Methods of Simulation group. Before that, I have been a member of the workgroup Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations supervised by Prof. Dr. Gert Lube in the Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics at the University of Göttingen.



  • Ideas on Schwarz Smoothers in Efficient Multigrid Solvers (slides) at 7th International Conference on High Performance Scientific Computing
  • CFL: A domain-specific language for simplifying integration kernels (slides) at Fast high order DG methods for future architectures
  • Schwarz Smoothers for Conforming Stabilized Discretizations of the Stokes Equations (slides) at The 15th European Finite Element Fair
  • Finite Element Methods for Flow Simulations (slides) at The Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2016
  • A Parallel Multigrid Matrix-Free Solver using Schwarz Smoothers (slides) at PDE Software Frameworks (PDESoft) 2016
  • Stabilized Finite Element Methods for Magnetohydrodynamics (slides) at The 14th European Finite Element Fair
  • Stabilized Finite Element Methods for Rotating Oberbeck-Boussinesq Flow (slides) at VMS 2016
  • Application to Coupled Flow Problems (slides) at deal.II Workshop 2015
  • Suitability of local projection stabilization for laminar and turbulent flow (slides) at VMS 2015
  • Projection Methods for Rotating Flow (slides) at ECFD VI 2014
  • Qk + Q0 -Elements in Incompressible Flows (slides) at deal.II Workshop 2013
  • Augmented Taylor-Hood Elements for Incompressible Flow (slides) at MAFELAP 2013

Organized Conferences


Scientific interests

  • Mass conservation in FEM for incompressible flow problems
  • Numerical analysis and simulation of turbulent flow problems
  • Massively parallel FEM simulations