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Celeste E Atkins

Mechanical Engineer -Robotics and Additive Manufacturing

Celeste Atkins is a technical staff member that provides engineering design support for large-scale and infrastructure-scale additive manufacturing systems and application-based research with the Manufacturing Systems Design Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Celeste’s work at the Department of Energy’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility is focused on mechanical design and fabrication for custom and commercialized additive manufacturing systems. She has contributed to the development of several advanced manufacturing systems including large-scale thermoplastic additive manufacturing, large-scale wire laser metal additive manufacturing, large-scale wire arc additive manufacturing, and an infrastructure-scale, cable-driven concrete additive manufacturing system and contributed to applications based design for additive manufacturing including large scale AM, powder bed fusion, directed energy deposition, stereolithography, and sheet lamination. These contributions have led to advancements in several areas including clean energy technology, casting and forging, biological science, building technology, infrastructure, defense manufacturing, and recycling.

2020 Federal Energy and Water Management Award
2020 ORNL Significant Event Award