Balint Joo

Balint Joo

Group Leader - Science Engagement: Advanced Computing for Nuclear Astro and Particle Physics

Balint specializes in simulations of Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics (LQCD), a computational approach used in non-perturbative calculations in Nuclear and High-Energy Physics. His area of expertise include LQCD Gauge Generation algorithms, Iterative Linear Solvers, and porting LQCD codes to new HPC architectures using novel Programming Models. He is a co-maintainer of the Chroma software system for LQCD.

Balint got his PhD in Theoretical Physics at Edinburgh University in 2000, and has held several post-doctoral positions including at the University of Kentucky, at Columbia University (on placement from Edinburgh University) and at Edinburgh University, before joining the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator facility in 2005. He joined ORNL in 2020. 

Balint has a long an extensive expertise with HPC systems having started on the Connection Machine and the Cray T3D at Edinburgh university in his undergraduate years. He has contributed to the QCDOC project to build a custom Lattice QCD Supercomputer during his time at Columbia University. He continues to be a user of several major HPC facilities, mostly in the US including at OLCF, ALCF and NERSC. He has served on the OLCF User Group Board and the NERSC User Group Executive. 

He is currently most excited about the arrival of the Exascale Era and especially the frontier system at ORNL.