Anthony S Guajardo

Mechanical Testing and Evaluation Associate Technician

I'm Anthony Guajardo, a Mechanical Testing and Evaluation Technician currently contributing my expertise to the Fracture Mechanics Lab at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). With a solid foundation in aviation maintenance technology, I've found my passion lies in the intricacies of mechanical testing and the mysteries of material behavior. In the Fracture Mechanics Lab, I thrive on challenges, utilizing my problem-solving skills to dissect complex mechanical issues and provide valuable insights. My journey in aviation maintenance has equipped me with a unique perspective allowing me to contribute greatly to the overall mission of my lab. Beyond my lab, I'm an advocate for continuous learning and innovation in the field. I embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, finding joy in pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Whether it's examining the resilience of materials or troubleshooting mechanical challenges, I'm driven by a commitment to excellence.  


Aircraft Maintenance Support Engineer-Lockheed Martin

Dedicated Crew Chief- United States Air Force

Major Equipment Installation-PSD Technician Award

Associates in Aviation Maintenance Technology

MTS Servo-Hydraulic Frames

Instron Electro-Mechanical Tensile Frame

Instron Charpy Impact Machine

Tinius Olsen Charpy impact machine

Jeol SEM

Nano Images Tabletop SEM

Buehler Hardness Tester