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Andres E Marquez Rossy

Technical Assistant Staff, Processing & Characterization

Chemical engineer from Puerto Rico working on characterization of process and materials for additive manufacturing at ORNL.  Working on a masters in mechanical engineering at the University of Tennessee.  President of a national microscopy society for students in order to advance characterization nationwide and assist future microscopists to reach their career goals. 

I have worked 12+ years at ORNL in characterization of materials for an array of purposes.  Some of the techniques utilized for this are: microscopy (LM and EM), mechanical testing, resonant ultra-spectroscopy, thermo-mechanical analysis, dynamic mechanical analysis, indentation, x-ray computed tomography, etc.

2020 UT-Batelle Research Accomplishment Award for Solar Turbine components via AM

B.S. Chemical Engineering from Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico - 2011

M.S. Mechanical Engineering from University of Tennessee - ongoing

Member of Microscopy Society of America (MSA), President of Microscopy Society of America Student Council (MSA StC) and member of Appalachia Regional Microscopy Society (AReMS)

Characterization via destructive and non-destructive mechanisms via: SEM, Fib, EBSD-EDS, Xray CT Scanning, Micro and Nano Indentation, Mechanical Testing, Heat Treatment and furnace operations, RUS, TMA, DMA, Impulse Excitation