Allison Peacock

Allison C Peacock

Group Leader - Building 4501 Operations

Allison Peacock has been group lead for Building 4501 Operations since 2022. In that position, she leads a processing and manufacturing portfolio of multiple radioisotope production lines, including accelerator-produced Ac-225, W-188, Ra-224/Pb-212 generators, and Ba-133, with a focus on safe and reliable delivery of radioisotope products; leads the team responsible for dispensing radioisotopes; ensures products meet prescribed quality standards; identifies opportunities for continuous improvement and optimization; and provides mentoring and career guidance to staff.  

Allison first came to ORNL as a student in 2012, completed a post-bachelors period in 2014, and joined ORNL as an isotope production technical professional in 2015. For a period in between that position and her current one, she served as thorium purification manager for Isotek Systems LLC.  

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from East Tennessee State University.  

2017 UT-Battelle Awards Night Recipient of Award for Technical Support for Research
Award given for dedicated technical support, including solving complex research challenges, in the successful production of actinium-227 for use in treatment of metastatic prostate cancer, an achievement that will positively impact countless cancer patients and provide the foundation for a multiyear production effort that will create a significant revenue stream for the laboratory.