A portrait of Adam Aaron

Adam M Aaron

R&D Mechanical Engineer

Adam is currently a System Manager for Vacuum Systems and for In-Vessel Components for the Material Plasma Exposure eXperiment (MPEX) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. As the System Manager for In-Vessel Components, Adam oversees the design, testing, fabrication, and procurement of the high heat flux components present in the MPEX Device. As the System manager for Vacuum Systems, Adam oversees the design, fabrication, and procurement of the following subsystems:

  • Device Support and Alignment Subsystem
  • Plasma Fueling and Impurity Injection Subsystem
  • Vacuum Pumping Subsystems
  • Vacuum Chamber Subsystem
  • On-Device Water Subsystem
  • Plasma Material Interaction Chamber Subsystem
  • Target Handling and Exchange Subsystem

Each of these subsystems have unique challenges specific to operating the MPEX linear plasma device.

US11761259B2 Interface gasket for building envelope