Empowering the pursuit of quantum innovation

An enhanced understanding of the laws of quantum mechanics is enabling a quantum revolution that promises to transform a vast range of technologies critical to American competitiveness.

By hosting a multidisciplinary team of world-renowned researchers, ORNL is empowering scientists to pursue quantum innovation via theoretical and experimental research efforts, from designing and deploying secure, next-generation networks to developing more precise sensors. Through the lab’s broad quantum expertise and the establishment of DOE’s Quantum Science Center, ORNL is enabling the quantum future and building the diverse quantum workforce of tomorrow.

With diverse capabilities to support materials synthesis, fabrication, and characterization, ORNL researchers are exploring new approaches to storing, measuring, and transferring information via four primary capabilities: quantum computing, quantum materials, quantum networking, and quantum sensing.

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ORNL's Quantum Leaders

Travis Humble
Director, Quantum Science Center
ORNL Image
Section Head, Advanced Computing Methods for Engineered Systems
Nicholas Peters portrait
Section Head, Quantum Information Science
Marcel Demarteau portrait
Division Director, Physics
Stephen Jesse formal portrait
Section Head, Nanomaterials Characterization

 "ORNL’s diverse quantum expertise makes it the ideal institution to lead the next quantum revolution." — Nick Peters, Section Head, Quantum Information Science


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