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XACC: a system-level software infrastructure for heterogeneous quantum–classical computing

by Alexander J Mccaskey, Dmytro Liakh, Eugen F Dumitrescu, Sarah S Powers, Travis S Humble
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Quantum Science and Technology
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Quantum programming techniques and software have advanced significantly over the past five years, with a majority focusing on high-level language frameworks targeting remote REST library APIs. As quantum computing architectures advance and become more widely available, lower-level, system software infrastructures will be needed to enable tighter, co-processor programming and ac- cess models. Here we present XACC, a system-level software infrastructure for quantum-classical computing that promotes a service-oriented architecture to expose interfaces for core quantum programming, compilation, and execution tasks. We detail XACC’s interfaces, their interactions, and its implementation as a hardware-agnostic framework for both near-term and future quantum-classical architectures. We provide concrete examples demonstrating the utility of this framework with paradigmatic tasks. Our approach lays the foundation for the development of compilers, associated runtimes, and low-level system tools tightly integrating quantum and classical workflows.