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Validation of high-fidelity ion cyclotron range of frequencies antenna coupling simulations in full 3D geometry against exper...

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Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
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We address the validation of finite elements ion cyclotron range of frequencies (ICRF) antenna coupling simulation against experiments performed in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak. Measurements of the loading resistance in ICRF-heated, magnetically-perturbed 3D plasma discharges are compared against numerical predictions of the RAPLICASOL code. To this end, the 3D induction field and the 3D density profile are modeled by concatenating the PARVMEC, BMW and EMC3-EIRENE codes. The 3D density is input to RAPLICASOL, where full-wave simulations are performed on a finite element mesh retaining full 3D geometry in the ICRF antenna model and the plasma description. The results are further compared with RAPLICASOL simulations using a 1D density profile as measured at the outboard midplane in the same experiments. We find that simulations using a 1D density profile overestimate the change in loading resistance by a factor of ∼197 − 248%, while simulations using the full 3D density profile are in agreement with experiments within a factor ∼16%.