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Two methods to study inelastic neutron-scattering measurements based on ωn(q) versus S(q, ω) applied to the magnetic open h...

by Randy S Fishman, George Ostrouchov, Feng Ye
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Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter
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This work describes two methods to fit the inelastic neutron-scattering spectrum S(q, ω) with wavevector q and frequency ω. The common and well-established method extracts the experimental spin-wave branches ωn(q) from the measured spectra S(q, ω) and then minimizes the difference between the observed and predicted frequencies. When n branches of frequencies are predicted but the measured frequencies overlap to produce only m < n branches, the weighted average of the predicted frequencies must be compared to the observed frequencies. A penalty is then exacted when the width of the predicted frequencies exceeds the width of the observed frequencies. The second method directly compares the measured and predicted intensities S(q, ω) over a grid {qi, ωj} in wavevector and frequency space. After subtracting background noise from the observed intensities, the theoretical intensities are scaled by a simple wavevector-dependent function that reflects the instrumental resolution. The advantages and disadvantages of each approach are demonstrated by studying the open honeycomb material Tb2Ir3Ga9.