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Towards Ultra-high-resolution E3SM Land Modeling on Exascale Computers

by Dali Wang, Peter D Schwartz, Fengming Yuan, Peter E Thornton
Publication Type
Journal Name
Computing in Science & Engineering
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1 to 14

We present an ultra-high-resolution E3SM land model (uELM) for high-fidelity land simulations targeting new Exascale computers. After considering modeling infrastructure compatibility and ELM software features, we designed a parallel model for the uELM development targeting hybrid architectures of new US Exascale computers. We also described a function unit test framework to expedite the piece-wise code porting (with compiler directives), verification, and global variable management. Furthermore, in this study, we report an early uELM model development using OpenACC within a function unit test framework on a pre-Exascale computer, demonstrate the performance of a uLEM submodel with a 3.0-time speedup, and summarize the code porting experience regarding global variable handling, deepcopy, memory reduction, and parallel loop reconstruction.