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Toolpath considerations for DED: Arc and laser welding

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Book Chapter
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171 to 180
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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Directed energy deposition (DED) is a form of additive manufacturing that uses localized melted metal, similar to traditional arc welding, to construct an object. In comparison to polymer systems, metal systems can exert additional control over the build process through manipulation of the pool of melted metal, called the “melt pool.” This is especially important to maintain appropriate layer heights and create high quality builds. Additionally, metal systems allow site-specific control of the printed part, which enables advanced construction techniques that would otherwise not be possible. However, both of these types of control require support from the slicing software and, potentially, sensor feedback. This chapter will discuss these control processes and their basic implementation in a slicing program. The processes described here lay the foundation for more advanced solutions, particularly sensor feedback, that will be discussed later.