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Superconducting Linac Upgrade Plan for the Second Target Station Project at Sns

by Sang-ho Kim, Marc M Doleans, John D Galambos, Matthew P Howell, John D Mammosser
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Publication Date
Conference Name
International conference on RF superconductivity
Conference Location
Whistler, Canada
Conference Date

The beam power of the Linac for the Second Target Station (STS) at the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) will be doubled to 2.8 MW. For the energy upgrade, seven additional cryomodules will be installed in the reserved space at the end of the linac tunnel to produce linac output energy of 1.3 GeV. The cryomodules for STS will have the same physical length but will incorporate some design changes based on the lessons learned from operational experience over the last 10 years and from the high beta spare cryomodule developed in house. The average macro-pulse beam current for the STS will be 38 mA which is about a 40 % increase from the present beam current for 1.4 MW operation. Plans for the new cryomodules and for the existing cryomodules to support higher beam current for the STS are presented in this paper.