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On the Strong Convergence of Forward-Backward Splitting in Reconstructing Jointly Sparse Signals...

by Nick Dexter, Hoang A Tran, Clayton Webster
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Set-Valued and Variational Analysis
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1 to 15

We consider the problem of reconstructing an infinite set of sparse, finite-dimensional vectors, that share a common sparsity pattern, from incomplete measurements. This is in contrast to the work (Daubechies et al., Pure Appl. Math. 57(11), 1413–1457, 2004), where the single vector signal can be infinite-dimensional, and (Fornasier and Rauhut, SIAM J. Numer. Anal. 46(2), 577613, 2008), which extends the aforementioned work to the joint sparse recovery of finite number of infinite-dimensional vectors. In our case, to take account of the joint sparsity and promote the coupling of nonvanishing components, we employ a convex relaxation approach with mixed norm penalty ℓ2,1. This paper discusses the computation of the solutions of linear inverse problems with such relaxation by a forward-backward splitting algorithm. However, since the solution matrix possesses infinitely many columns, the arguments of Daubechies et al. (Pure Appl. Math. 57(11), 1413–1457, 2004) no longer apply. As such, we establish new strong convergence results for the algorithm, in particular when the set of jointly sparse vectors is infinite.