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Spin-singlet topological superconductivity in the attractive Rashba-Hubbard model

by Peter W Doak, Giovanni Balduzzi, Pontus Laurell, Elbio R Dagotto, Thomas A Maier
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Physical Review B
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Fully gapped, spin-singlet superconductors with antisymmetric spin-orbit coupling in a Zeeman magnetic field provide a promising route to realize superconducting states with non-Abelian topological order and therefore fault-tolerant quantum computation. Here we use a quantum Monte Carlo dynamical cluster approximation to study the superconducting properties of a doped two-dimensional attractive Hubbard model with Rashba spin-orbit coupling in a Zeeman magnetic field. We generally find that the Rashba coupling has a beneficial effect towards s-wave superconductivity. In the presence of a finite Zeeman field, when superconductivity is suppressed by Pauli pair breaking, the Rashba coupling counteracts the spin imbalance created by the Zeeman field by mixing the spins, and thus restores superconductivity at finite temperatures. We show that this favorable effect of the spin-orbit coupling is traced to a spin-flip driven enhancement of the amplitude for the propagation of a pair of electrons in time-reversed states. Moreover, by inspecting the Fermi surface of the interacting model, we show that for sufficiently large Rashba coupling and Zeeman field, the superconducting state is expected to be topologically nontrivial.