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Small Angle Scattering Data Analysis Assisted by Machine Learning Methods...

by Changwoo Do, Wei-ren Chen, Sangkeun M Lee
Publication Type
Journal Name
MRS Advances
Publication Date
Page Numbers
1577 to 1584

Small angle scattering (SAS) is a widely used technique for characterizing structures of wide ranges of materials. For such wide ranges of applications of SAS, there exist a large number of ways to model the scattering data. While such analysis models are often available from various suites of SAS data analysis software packages, selecting the right model to start with poses a big challenge for beginners to SAS data analysis. Here, we present machine learning (ML) methods that can assist users by suggesting scattering models for data analysis. A series of one-dimensional scattering curves have been generated by using different models to train the algorithms. The performance of the ML method is studied for various types of ML algorithms, resolution of the dataset, and the number of the dataset. The degree of similarities among selected scattering models is presented in terms of the confusion matrix. The scattering model suggestions with prediction scores provide a list of scattering models that are likely to succeed. Therefore, if implemented with extensive libraries of scattering models, this method can speed up the data analysis workflow by reducing search spaces for appropriate scattering models.