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In Situ Reconstructed Mo-doped Amorphous FeOOH Boosts the Oxygen Evolution Reaction...

by Xiang Lyu
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Chemistry – An Asian Journal
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1 to 4

Developing a fast and highly active oxygen evolution reaction (OER) catalyst to change energy kinetics technology is essential for making clean energy. Herein, we prepare three-dimensional (3D) hollow Mo-doped amorphous FeOOH (Mo-FeOOH) based on the precatalyst MoS2/FeC2O4 via in situ reconstruction strategy. Mo-FeOOH exhibits promising OER performance. Specifically, it has an overpotential of 285 mV and a durability of 15 h at 10 mA cm−2. Characterizations indicate that Mo was included inside the FeOOH lattice, and it not only modifies the electronic energy levels of FeOOH but also effectively raises the inherent activity of FeOOH for OER. Additionally, in situ Raman analysis indicates that FeC2O4 gradually transforms into the FeOOH active site throughout the OER process. This study provides ideas for designing in situ reconstruction strategies to prepare heteroatom doping catalysts for high electrochemical activity.