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Separation of Protactinium Employing Sulfur-Based Extraction Chromatographic Resins...

Publication Type
Journal Name
Analytical Chemistry
Publication Date
Page Numbers
7012 to 7017

Protactinium-230 (t1/2 = 17.4 d) is the parent isotope of 230U (t1/2 = 20.8 d), a radionuclide of interest for targeted alpha therapy (TAT). Column chromatographic methods have been developed to separate no-carrier-added 230Pa from proton irradiated thorium targets and accompanying fission products. Results reported within demonstrate the use of novel sulfur bearing chromatographic extraction resins for the selective separation of protactinium. The recovery yield of 230Pa was 93 ± 4% employing a R3P═S type commercially available resin and 88 ± 4% employing a DGTA (diglycothioamide) containing custom synthesized extraction chromatographic resin. The radiochemical purity of the recovered 230Pa was measured via high purity germanium γ-ray spectroscopy to be >99.5% with the remaining radioactive contaminant being 95Nb due to its similar chemistry to protactinium. Measured equilibrium distribution coefficients for protactinium, thorium, uranium, niobium, radium, and actinium on both the R3P═S type and the DGTA resin in hydrochloric acid media are reported, to the best of our knowledge, for the first time.