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Selected Area Deposition of PtCx Nanostructures: Implications for Functional Coatings of 3D Nanoarchitectures

by John C Lasseter, Philip D Rack, Steven J Randolph
Publication Type
Journal Name
ACS Applied Nano Materials
Publication Date
Page Numbers
10890 to 10899

We report that selected area deposition of 3D nanostructures is induced via a pyrolytic laser chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process where selected area heating results from the unique photothermal transport regime that is intrinsic to 3D nanostructures. PtCx composite nanostructures were deposited by focused electron beam-induced deposition (FEBID) and used as 3D templates. Subsequent simultaneous localized delivery of an organometallic PtCx precursor and pulsed 915 nm laser irradiation to the pre-defined nanostructures results in selected area deposition on the FEBID features. Results indicate the ability to initiate the process on sub-diffraction-limit nanoscale features. To elucidate the mechanisms that are operative in the selected area deposition, we analyze the effects of the laser repetition rate, power, and pulse duration. Thermal simulations corroborate that the pseudo-1D thermal transport of the nanostructure geometry coupled with the optical and thermal properties of the nanostructure governs the CVD reaction. The results demonstrated here suggest that controlling the thermal transport in nanomaterial architectures could be a useful means to spatially control localized photothermally stimulated chemical reactions and induce selected area reactions.