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The Role of Isostatic Pressing in Large-Scale Production of Solid-State Batteries...

Publication Type
Journal Name
ACS Energy Letters
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Page Numbers
3936 to 3946

Scalable processing of solid-state battery (SSB) components and their integration is a key bottleneck toward the practical deployment of these systems. In the case of a complex system like a SSB, it becomes increasingly vital to envision, develop, and streamline production systems that can handle different materials, form factors, and chemistries as well as processing conditions. Herein, we highlight isostatic pressing (ISP) as a versatile processing platform for large-scale production of the currently most promising solid electrolyte materials. We briefly summarize the development of ISP techniques as well as the processing methods and windows accessible. Subsequently, we discuss recent reports on SSBs that leverage ISP techniques and their impact on the electrochemical performance of the systems. Finally, we also provide a techno-economic analysis for implementing ISP at scale along with some key perspectives, challenges, and future directions for large-scale production of SSB components and integration.