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Reconfigurable Quantum Local Area Network Over Deployed Fiber...

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PRX Quantum
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Practical quantum networking architectures are crucial for scaling the connection of quantum resources. Yet quantum network testbeds have thus far underutilized the full capabilities of modern lightwave communications, such as flexible-grid bandwidth allocation. In this work, we implement flex-grid entanglement distribution in a deployed network for the first time, connecting nodes in three distinct campus buildings time synchronized via the Global Positioning System. We quantify the quality of the distributed polarization entanglement via log-negativity, which offers a generic metric of link performance in entangled bits per second. After demonstrating successful entanglement distribution for two allocations of our eight dynamically reconfigurable channels, we realize the first deployed fiber network demonstration of remote state preparation (RSP), a fundamental quantum communications protocol with utility for performing remote private “blind” quantum computing. We further demonstrate RSP not only at one location but over three nodes in three locations. In general, our results highlight an advanced paradigm for managing entanglement resources in quantum networks of ever-increasing complexity and service demands.