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Precipitation of α′ in neutron irradiated commercial FeCrAl alloys...

by Kevin G Field, Kenneth C Littrell, Samuel Briggs
Publication Type
Journal Name
Scripta Materialia
Publication Date
Page Numbers
41 to 45

Alkrothal 720 and Kanthal APMT, two commercial FeCrAl alloys, were neutron irradiated up to damage doses of 7.0 displacements per atom (dpa) in the temperature range of 320 to 382°C to characterize the α' precipitation in these alloys using small-angle neutron scattering. Both alloys exhibited α' precipitation. Kanthal APMT exhibited higher number densities and volume fraction, a result attributed to its higher Cr content compared with Alkrothal 720. Trends observed as a function of damage dose (dpa) are consistent with literature trends for both FeCr and FeCrAl alloys.