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Porosity modeling in a TiNbTaZrMo high-entropy alloy for biomedical applications

Publication Type
Journal Name
RSC Advances
Publication Date
Page Numbers
36468 to 36476

High-entropy alloys (HEAs) have attracted great attention for many biomedical applications. However, the nature of interatomic interactions in this class of complex multicomponent alloys is not fully understood. We report, for the first time, the results of theoretical modeling for porosity in a large biocompatible HEA TiNbTaZrMo using an atomistic supercell of 1024 atoms that provides new insights and understanding. Our results demonstrated the deficiency of using the valence electron count, quantification of large lattice distortion, validation of mechanical properties with available experimental data to reduce Young's modulus. We utilized the novel concepts of the total bond order density (TBOD) and partial bond order density (PBOD) via ab initio quantum mechanical calculations as an effective theoretical means to chart a road map for the rational design of complex multicomponent HEAs for biomedical applications.