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Permanently Magnetized Insulating Thin‐Film Devices by Reduction...

by Alexander A Puretzky, Christopher M Rouleau, Johannes Frantti, Yukari Fujioka, Nickolay V Lavrik
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Physica Status Solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters
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A reduction‐based manufacturing process for creating technologically important multilayer structures from lattice‐matched ferromagnetic insulators and ferromagnetic conductors is reported. The process is demonstrated by growing a permanently magnetized double‐layer structure, consisting of lattice‐matched conducting (Ni,Co) and insulating (Ni0.4Co0.6)3O3 layers, through a single deposition cycle. The orientation of the metal cation network is preserved after reduction. Close‐packing displacements of Ni and Co take place in such a manner that the in‐plane hexagonal arrangement is preserved. This is critical for ensuring high‐quality interfaces joining the layers. At room temperature the hysteresis loop is centered. At low temperature the oxide layer becomes ferrimagnetically ordered, accompanied by a shift of the hysteresis loop along the magnetic field axis. The shift is assigned to exchange bias phenomenon. Biaxial compressive strain is responsible for the required ferrimagnetic ordering. Spin valves and closely related magnetoresistance random access memory and spin‐transfer‐torque magnetic random access memory devices are addressed as potential applications.