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Optimal Siting of EV Fleet Charging Station Considering EV Mobility and Microgrid Formation for Enhanced Grid Resilience

by Abhijith Ravi, Linquan Bai, Hong Wang
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Applied Sciences
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Coordinating infrastructure planning for transportation and the power grid is essential for enhanced reliability and resilience during operation and disaster management. This paper presents a two-stage stochastic model to optimize the location of electric vehicle fleet charging stations (FEVCSs) to enhance the resilience of a distribution network. The first stage of this model deals with the decision to place an FEVCS at the most favorable and optimized location, whereas the second stage aims to minimize the weighted sum of the value of lost load in multiple potential scenarios with different faults. Indeed, the second stage is a joint grid restoration scheme with network reconfiguration and microgrid formation using available distributed generators and fleet electric vehicles. The proposed model is tested on a modified IEEE-33 node distribution network and a four-node transportation network. Case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed model.