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Noble gas constraints on spent fuel irradiation histories

by William Cassata, Brett Isselhardt, Andrew J Conant, Joseph Charboneau, Kevin Carney
Publication Type
Journal Name
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
Publication Date
Page Numbers
3151 to 3159

Fission gas isotopic compositions are sensitive to a variety of reactor operating parameters that include the neutron flux, neutron fluence at different neutron energies, and operating temperature. Measurements of fission gas isotopic compositions thus have potential to constrain reactor simulations for nuclear forensics and safeguards applications. In this paper, we present Kr and Xe isotope measurements from a suite of samples obtained from locations that span the axial length a fuel pin with a well-characterized irradiation history and compare these data to spatially resolved reactor simulations. We observed positive correlations between fluence sensitive isotopic ratios and burnup and between a flux sensitive ratio and power, although some discrepancies are observed between the measured data and model predictions. These differences may be due to simplifications in the model and/or inaccuracies in the cross sections. A much broader measurement to model comparison is required to better understand the discrepancies.