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Multicomponent fluctuation spectrum at the quantum critical point in CeCu6−xAgx...

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npj Quantum Materials
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Quantum critical points (QCPs) are widely accepted as a source of a diverse set of collective quantum phases of matter. The basic nature of a QCP is manifested in the critical fluctuation spectrum which in turn is determined by the adjacent phases and associated order parameters. Here we show that the critical fluctuation spectrum of CeCu5.8Ag0.2 can not be explained by fluctuations associated with a single wave vector. Interestingly, when the critical fluctuations at wave vectors corresponding to the incommensurate antiferromagnetic order adjacent to the QCP are separated they are found to be three dimensional and to obey the scaling behavior expected for long wavelength fluctuations near an itinerant antiferromagnetic QCP. Without this separation, E/T scaling with a fractional exponent is observed. Together these results demonstrate that a multicomponent fluctuation spectrum is a previously unexplored route to obtaining E/T scaling at a QCP.