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Majorana corner states on the dice lattice

by Narayan Mohanta, Rahul Soni, Satoshi Okamoto, Elbio R Dagotto
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Communications Physics
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Lattice geometry continues providing exotic topological phases in condensed matter physics. Exciting recent examples are the higher-order topological phases, manifesting via localized lower-dimensional boundary states. Moreover, flat electronic bands with a non-trivial topology arise in various lattices and can hold a finite superfluid density, bounded by the Chern number C. Here we consider attractive interaction in the dice lattice that hosts flat bands with Cā€‰=ā€‰Ā±ā€‰2 and show that the induced superconducting state exhibits a second-order topological phase with mixed singlet-triplet pairing. The second-order nature of the topological superconducting phase is revealed by the zero-energy Majorana bound states at the lattice corners. Hence, the topology of the normal state dictates the nature of the Majorana localization. These findings suggest that flat bands with a higher Chern number provide feasible platforms for inducing higher-order topological superconductivity.