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Machine Learning-Based Regression Models for Ironmaking Blast Furnace Automation

by Ricardo Calix, Orlando Ugarte, Tyamo Okosun, Hong Wang
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636 to 655

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)-based simulation has been the traditional way to model complex industrial systems and processes. One very large and complex industrial system that has benefited from CFD-based simulations is the steel blast furnace system. The problem with the CFD-based simulation approach is that it tends to be very slow for generating data. The CFD-only approach may not be fast enough for use in real-time decisionmaking. To address this issue, in this work, the authors propose the use of machine learning techniques to train and test models based on data generated via CFD simulation. Regression models based on neural networks are compared with tree-boosting models. In particular, several areas (tuyere, raceway, and shaft) of the blast furnace are modeled using these approaches. The results of the model training and testing are presented and discussed. The obtained 𝑅2 metrics are, in general, very high. The results appear promising and may help to improve the efficiency of operator and process engineer decisionmaking when running a blast furnace.