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Machine Committee Framework for Power Grid Disturbances Analysis Using Synchrophasors Data...

by Haoran Niu, Olufemi A Omitaomu, Qing Cao
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Smart Cities
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1 to 16

Events detection is a key challenge in power grid frequency disturbances analysis. Accurate detection of events is crucial for situational awareness of the power system. In this paper, we study the problem of events detection in power grid frequency disturbance analysis using synchrophasors data streams. Current events detection approaches for power grid rely on individual detection algorithm. This study integrates some of the existing detection algorithms using the concept of machine committee to develop improved detection approaches for grid disturbance analysis. Specifically, we propose two algorithms—an Event Detection Machine Committee (EDMC) algorithm and a Change-Point Detection Machine Committee (CPDMC) algorithm. Both algorithms use parallel architecture to fuse detection knowledge of its individual methods to arrive at an overall output. The EDMC algorithm combines five individual event detection methods, while the CPDMC algorithm combines two change-point detection methods. Each method performs the detection task separately. The overall output of each algorithm is then computed using a voting strategy. The proposed algorithms are evaluated using three case studies of actual power grid disturbances. Compared with the individual results of the various detection methods, we found that the EDMC algorithm is a better fit for analyzing synchrophasors data; it improves the detection accuracy; and it is suitable for practical scenarios.