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Licensing, Regulations and Developing Guidance for Nuclear Technology Deployment for Embarking countries in Africa

by Stephen O Dahunsi
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Book Title
INMM Annual Meeting Proceedings
Publication Date
Page Numbers
890 to 896
ISBN: 978-
Publisher Location
Illinois, United States of America
Conference Name
63rd INMM Annual Meeting
Conference Location
Virtual, Tennessee, United States of America
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The African region is witnessing an increased number of countries at different stages of implementing or considering the introduction of peaceful nuclear power programs to meet the demand of their rapidly growing economies as well as clean energy needs. Grid size, cost, licensing, and regulations will be some of the challenges to deploying larger power reactors. A key element of the regulatory framework will be the inclusion of nuclear security information and assurance that security is integrated into the license review process.
As each country continue to implement and consider different reactor designs from several vendors, the significance of customer knowledge of licensing, Regulations, and guidance document to facilitate the deployment and operational needs for nuclear technology cannot be over-emphasized. This special session will bring together a selected panel of key stakeholders and policymakers from embarking countries in Africa to participate in a panel discussion to share their experience in the licensing, regulations, and development of guidance for power plant deployment. The session will also consider and identify potential gaps that may affect the licensing and regulatory applications for the future nuclear infrastructure. As well, the panel will promote regional networking and communication to increase capacities in readiness for the potential deployment of additional technology, such as Small Modular Reactors.