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Layered CAD/CSG geometry for spatially complex radiation transport scenarios

by Elliott D Biondo, Gregory G Davidson, Brian J Ade
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Annals of Nuclear Energy
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Many spatially complex fission, fusion, and national security Monte Carlo (MC) radiation transport scenarios involve combining computer-aided design (CAD) models with constructive solid geometry (CSG) models. A layered geometry method has been implemented in the Shift MC code to address this need. With layered geometry, multiple CAD and/or CSG models can be clipped, translated, rotated, and placed in overlapping layers to form transport-ready geometries. The utility of this method is demonstrated with two problems: (1) a fixed-source simulation with a layered geometry consisting of a LiDAR-generated CAD model of the Combined Arms Collective Training Facility urban environment overlaid with CSG models of a mock hotel and a detector apparatus, and (2) a k-eigenvalue calculation using a layered geometry model of the Transformational Challenge Reactor consisting of CAD fuel elements placed in a CSG core. Tallied particle flux distributions match expectations, but tracking robustness must be improved prior to general-purpose use.