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The Kokkos EcoSystem: Comprehensive Performance Portability for High Performance Computing...

Publication Type
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Computing in Science & Engineering
Publication Date
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10 to 18

State-of-the-art engineering and science codes have grown in complexity dramatically over the last two decades. Application teams have adopted more sophisticated development strategies, leveraging third party libraries, deploying comprehensive testing, and using advanced debugging and profiling tools. In today’s environment of diverse hardware platforms, these applications also desire performance portability—avoiding the need to duplicate work for various platforms. The Kokkos EcoSystem provides that portable software stack. Based on the Kokkos Core Programming Model, the EcoSystem provides math libraries, interoperability capabilities with Python and Fortran, and Tools for analyzing, debugging, and optimizing applications. In this article, we overview the components, discuss some specific use cases, and highlight how codesigning these components enables a more developer friendly experience.